"Find the Flow" Intuitive Meditation Class

Are you ready to experience, manage and control your personal space—and feel more in control, more relaxed and more free?

If so, “Find the Flow” Intuitive Meditation instruction is a great place to start.

In this 4-week class you learn to:Aura

  • define and separate your space from the environment and energies around you.
  • clear unwanted energies from your space.
  • connect with your intuition.
  • become aware of and connected with your “authentic self.”

Both private and group instruction are available.

Private Instruction

Learn to Find the Flow with Kate one-on-one. Private meditation instruction allows us to heal and address your specific concerns. Everything focuses on you, your needs, where you are right now and where you want to be. Sessions take place via Zoom.  Sign up for the class here:

Group Class

No group class is currently scheduled. If you’d like to put together a class for yourself and at least 4 other folks, contact Kate.

 Contact Kate if you have questions.