What clients are saying

“I enjoyed a wonderful [Intuitive Clarity] reading from Kate. It was a great reading and revealed some things I was vaguely aware of … which I can continue to work on. But my biggest take-away is the care that Kate spent in consciously setting up a sacred space prior to our session, to the checking in with guidance during the reading, and her careful closing the space at the end of the process. One of my greatest pet peeves is how sloppy some readers are with their energy. Kate was rigorous.  It made me feel respected and energetically secure.”

~Shelley Amdur, Chicago, IL

“Wow! My [Intuitive Clarity] reading with Kate was priceless to me. She has solved for me a pain that has plagued me for way too long. Hallelujah! Such a gift. In one reading, Kate was able to pinpoint the true source of a persistent stabbing pain I’ve had under my shoulder blade for years now. Physical “cures” I’ve tried include multiple chiropractor visits, deep tissue massage, shiatsu acupressure, laser heat therapy, concentrated workouts at the gym, plus Reiki and a variety of energywork methods. Everything would help for a while, but then this pain would sharpen again, making it difficult for me to concentrate on daily tasks and even waking me from sleep. Kate accessed the story my shoulder has been holding, then cleared it out and gave me great advice for dealing with any new flare-ups. I have to admit, I’m still surprised to wake up in the morning without this pain, but I concentrate on my new reality of feeling whole and healed. So far, so good! Do not hesitate to contact her if you feel so inclined. Thank you, Kate!”

~Lissa Walsh

“Yay! After my [Intuitive Clarity] reading, my shoulder is still feeling a million times better, and I am looking forward to feeling into the new lightness that is mine since our session!”

~Anne Belliveau, Connecticut

“Kate was very fun to work with. You can tell that she’s enjoying every step of the process, which made me feel well taken care of during something that might feel very vulnerable. I was amazed at how she could pinpoint exactly what I needed. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it.

~Victoria Rose Sturley, London, England

I really enjoyed [the “New Beginnings” New Year VIP Day. I found [it to be] a fabulous and very valuable experience and would recommend it to anyone (in fact, I already have)!!!  I learned SO MUCH in the time with you, [including] tools and techniques that I can use anywhere and anytime throughout my life. That alone was one of my favorite things.  I think they will be indispensable. Having the worksheet so that I could write everything down was helpful since there was so much information it was nice to have it to take with me to refer back to. Loved the tarot. … Allowing me to record that was invaluable!

My chosen color for the year, the rose quartz, has been popping up in meditations since we discussed it. Had the pink shown up BEFORE talking to you I would have dismissed it outright [due to] my complete distaste of the color pink. If you hadn’t flat out said that “hey, you saw pink, pink it is,” I would have ignored it. That was a nice little push that I needed from you. Sometimes I get in my own way. Thank you for that 🙂

 ~Amy Ramsey, California

If you are looking for insight to the “why this” and “what’s that” in your world, make an appointment with Kate today. I left my session with greater understanding, deeper insight, and 50 lbs. less emotional baggage. She offered insight within the first few minutes that was so spot on that my mind never once drifted or doubted the rest of her offerings. I was fascinated from start to finish because everything absolutely resonated with me. It was a thorough session for my soul in every way. I highly, highly recommend her.

~Ellen Naumann, Sedona, AZ