Tools and Toys

We explore many spiritual arts in the “Find the Flow” Intuitive Meditation I class and in the. Examples of what we may use to bridge your current reality to one more clear and true to you include the following.

Aura and Chakra Clearing and Balancing

AuraThe aura is the part of our energy system that extends beyond the physical body and defines our individual space. Its seven main layers contain information on how we interact with ourselves, the outer world and our Higher Self.

Chakras are energy centers within the body that connect our energy system and our physical/emotional/mental systems. There are seven major chakras and hundreds of minor chakras.

The aura and chakras can get “dirty” with old beliefs, patterns and information, as well as by being “invaded” by other people’s energy. Cleaning out old information and other unhelpful energy that’s no longer useful for you makes space available for new, better things to come into your space. And bringing in clean, clear new energy increases your ability to get in touch with your inner wisdom. This connection helps you start to learn about and trust yourself to live in the flow and on your own terms.

Pranayama and Breathwork

Your breath is perhaps your single most powerful healing tool, and you always have access to it! By guiding you through several pranayama exercises and breathing techniques, I give you a powerful way to help yourself heal.

Energy Healing

Reiki symbolReiki is a gentle and nurturing yet extremely powerful noninvasive energy technique that aligns your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Among other things it:

  • revitalizes energy that is blocked or out of harmony with the universe and with your Higher Self.
  • re-aligns energy patterns and harmonizes your energy system.
  • helps lead you to wholeness, awareness of your own truth and healing.

You will be attuned you to Reiki energy as part of the 6-month Create Your Authentic Life program.

Jin Shin Jyutsu®

Jin Shin Jyutsu® is a type of acupressure, is the subtle art of releasing energetic tensions that cause you to resist change and make it difficult for you to move forward. Blocked energy in one or more of your energetic pathways keeps you “stuck” in old ways of being. Re-opening your energy flow allows you to make changes more easily and joyfully. We will explore a variety of easy and fast Jin Shin Jyutsu “holds” you can use in your everyday life.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery helps you see things in new ways and envision what you truly want. It lets you find a quiet place just for yourself where you can go to access your inner wisdom and manifest your dreams.

Mantras and Chanting

Mantras are “sacred” words, such as “om,” or phrases whose energetic vibration deeply affect our thought patterns and beliefs, and connect us with the Divine. Chanting is repeating mantras or sacred songs with background music, often in a group. Repeating a mantra and chanting are unbelievably powerful ways to bring calm and serenity to your life. Repeating a mantra can be done anytime, anywhere.


Techniques include grounding, running energy, separating/protecting your space and clearing others’ energy from your space so you have a clear place where you can discover what you truly want.

Oracle and Tarot Cards

Divination cards are an excellent way to get in touch with your intuition and access its wisdom. Which cards are drawn and how they appear in a spread can provide information about pretty much anything you can think of. We may use single cards, three- or five-card spreads, or more elaborate spreads such as the Celtic cross in our work together. The decks I’m using most right now are Doreen Virture’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards and my friends Teressina and Martien Bakens’ Fifth Tarot deck.

If you’re ready to apply for the “Find Yourself” or “Create Your Authentic Life” program, please make an appointment for us to chat and fill out this short questionnaire.